Hitman 3 is turning into Hitman World of Assassination later this month

IO Interactive has announced that it will be “simplifying” the Hitman purchasing experience by turning Hitman 3 into Hitman World of Assassination.

This change is due to take place on January 26th and will see Hitman, Hitman 2, and Hitman 3 being removed from sale and replaced by two bundles.

The first is Hitman World of Assassination, which is priced at $70 and contains Hitman 3, the Hitman GOTY Access Pass, and the Hitman 2 Standard Access Pass. Also available is the Hitman World of Assassination Deluxe Pack for $30, which includes the Hitman 3 Deluxe Pack, Seven Deadly Sins DLC, and Hitman 2 Expansion Access Pass.

Owners of Hitman 3 will be automatically upgraded to Hitman World of Assassination.

“There will be no more confusion over which edition to buy, what content you own, how to redeem Legacy packs or import locations, etc. We’re done with that,” the developer added.

IO Interactive also announced that each item in the Deluxe Pack can be purchased individually for players who may already own one or two of them. On Steam, players can “complete the set” by paying for only the pieces of the Deluxe Pack they are missing, while other platforms can simply purchase each piece individually for $10.

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