Hitman 2’s September roadmap includes a trip to the Maldives

IO Interactive has shared its plans for Hitman 2 throughout the rest of this month, which include a new location, Escalation Contracts, Elusive Targets, and more.

The first batch of content for this month landed last week and introduced two new Escalation Contracts: The Dalton Dissection and The Covert Dispersal. The first takes place in the bank and locks Agent 47 to a limited loadout and the bank robber disguise. While the second sees Agent 47 head to Whittleton Creek and tasks him with taking out undercover officers.

The next content drop arrives on September 12th and is The Dubious Cohabitation Escalation Contract. Completing this contract rewards the Cashmerian suit. Following shortly after on September 13th is the return of the Blackmailer Elusive Target to Paris.

Next up is this month’s batch of Featured Contracts and another new Escalation Contract called The Merle Revelation on September 19th. Players who complete this Escalation will receive the Emetic Grenade, which causes anyone caught up in it to vomit.

A few days after this on September 24th, Expansion Pass holders will gain access to a new location and two special assignments. The Haven Island location is set in the Maldives and picks up events after the conclusion of the New York mission. While the two special assignments see Agent 47 heading to Miami to eliminate a target before paying a visit to Whittleton Creek.

Finally, Etta Davis aka The Angel of Death will return to Marrakesh on September 27th.

Hitman 2 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, ad PC.

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