Hitman 2’s December roadmap includes the return of Holiday Hoarders

IO Interactive has outlined its plans for Hitman 2 over the next few weeks in the December roadmap.

The roadmap officially begins tomorrow, December 5th, with the introduction of two new Escalation Contracts: The Truman Convention and The Raaz Algorithm. The former takes place in Santa Fortuna and focuses on health and safety, while the latter is set in Mumbai and is stealth-based. Following these will be the return of The Chef to Paris on December 6th.

Next up is a second Escalation Contract in Mumbai called The Han Encasement and a new batch of Featured Contracts called the 12 Days of Contracts on December 12th.

Two pieces of seasonal content also return in Hitman 2 this month, with both the Holiday Hoarders and Hokkaido Snow Festival missions returning on December 17th. Completing Holiday Hoarders unlocks the Santa Suit, while besting the festival unlocks the Ice Pick and Snow Festival Suit.

Completing December’s content are two Escalation Contracts on December 17th and a new Elusive Target. The Stowaway will arrive on the Isle of Sgail on December 20th and will be around until January 6th.

Hitman 2 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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