Hitman 2’s August roadmap includes the return of the homing briefcase

IO Interactive has detailed the new contracts, targets, and challenges that it will be adding to Hitman 2 this month.

Kicking things off is “The Simmons Concussion” Escalation Contract, which is available now. This contract takes place in Miami and tasks Agent 47 with taking out joggers by throwing soda cans at them.

Following this will be the return of The Chameleon. This Legacy Elusive Target will arrive in Colorado later today and gives players their first opportunity to earn the Tactical Gear with Hunter’s Hat.

Next up is the Best Case Scenario Challenge Pack, which will go live on August 8th. By completing this latest set of challenges players will unlock the ICA Executive Briefcase MKII, which is based on a bug that caused briefcases to home in on people when thrown.

“This physics-bending briefcase is designed to induce fear and terror in whoever gets in its way,” IO Interactive writes. “With a throwing speed tweaked for maximum style, there is no end to the possibilities this item offers. Of course, it sports the signature MK II look – the ultimate mark of superb craftmanship! Could be used to hide illegal items but that is clearly beside the point.”

Also on the way this month are “The Batty Tranquillity” Escalation Contract on August 15th, The Identity Thief Legacy Elusive Target on August 16th, and “The Scarlett Deceit” Escalation Contract on August 22nd.

Finally, rounding out August will be the return of The Gunrunner to Marrakesh. This Legacy Elusive Target will arrive on August 30th.

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