Here’s what’s coming to Xbox this week

Microsoft has confirmed the full lineup of new titles making their Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One debuts over the coming days.

First up this week is the long-awaited arrival of popular rogue-like dungeon-crawler Hades. Players take control of the immortal Prince of the Underworld and must free themselves from the clutches of the god of the dead by fighting through the underworld using powers and mythic weapons.

Also on the way are narrative-driven cyberpunk adventure Foreclosed, first-person puzzle game Faraday Protocol, Lawn Mowing Simulator, and top-down racer Art of Rally.

Check out the complete list of upcoming games below:

August 9th

  • I Am Dead
  • Untitled Darkness

August 10th

  • Action Arcade Wrestling
  • Black Book
  • Button City
  • Lawn Mowing Simulator
  • Crimson Spires
  • Super Hiking League DX

August 11th

  • Car Mechanic Simulator 2021
  • Dwarrows

August 12th

  • Art of Rally
  • Cardaclysm: Shards of the Four
  • Faraday Protocol
  • Foreclosed
  • Tetragon

August 13th

  • Barry the Bunny
  • Fishing Adventure
  • Fort Triumph
  • Hades
  • PAW Patrol The Movie: Adventure City Halls
  • Shakes on a Plane
  • Whiskey Mafia: Frank’s Story

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