Here’s what’s coming to Xbox One this week

Microsoft has revealed the full list of new titles that will be arriving on Xbox One over the coming days.

The highlight of this week’s batch of new titles is Bethesda and id Software’s Doom Eternal. In the upcoming sequel, hell’s armies have invaded Earth and it’s up to the Slayer to fight back and save humanity from destruction. As previously announced, players who preorder Doom Eternal will get a free copy of Doom 64 and the Rip and Tear Pack.

Also arriving this week are off-road racing game Overpass, R.B.I. Baseball 20, and puzzle adventure game The Secret Order: Shadow Breach.

Finally, the open beta for free-to-play online RPG Phantasy Star Online 2 gets underway on March 17th.

Take a look at the full list of this week’s releases below:

March 17th

  • Overpass
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 (Open Beta)
  • La-Mulana
  • La-Mulana 2
  • R.B.I. Baseball 20

March 18th

  • Explosive Jake
  • Red Death
  • Thunder Paw

March 19th

  • TT Isle of Man 2

March 20th

  • The Secret Order: Shadow Breach
  • Doom Eternal
  • Doom 64

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