Here’s what’s coming to PlayStation 4 this week

Sony has revealed the full lineup of games arriving on PlayStation 4 over the coming days.

This week, PlayStation 4 players will be able to purchase 2D puzzle-platformer Emma: Lost in Memories, visual novel Fault – Milestone One, and arcade shooter Huntdown.

Also arriving this week are 90s-inspired first-person shooter Ion Fury, dungeon-crawling RPG Pong Quest, and hack-and-slash roguelike Thy Sword.

Take a look at the full list of upcoming games below:

May 11th

  • Emma: Lost in Memories (PS4, PS Vita)

May 12th

  • Huntdown (PS4)
  • Pixel Ripped 1995 (PS VR)
  • Thy Sword (PS4, PS Vita)

May 13th

  • Island Saver (PS4)
  • Potata: Fairy Flower (PS4)

May 14th

  • Ion Fury (PS4)

May 15th

  • Fault – Milestone One (PS4)
  • Pong Quest (PS4)
  • Tacticool Champs (PS4)

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