Here’s what’s coming to PlayStation 4 this week

Sony has revealed the complete list of new titles that will be launching for PlayStation 4 this week.

To start with, the console version of Two Point Studios’ Theme Hospital spiritual successor Two Point Hospital arrives on PlayStation 4 on February 25th. The console version of the game features a redesigned control scheme, new hotkeys, and the game’s first two expansions: Bigfoot and Pebberley Island.

Space Channel 5 is also making its return to PlayStation this week with the release of Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash! The upcoming game places players in the role of a rookie dancing alongside senior reporter Ulala and features an endurance mode, the ability to rewatch the story from a third-person perspective, and a dressing room for changing Ulala’s outfits.

Joining these two titles are One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows, Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection, House Flipper, and Bucket Knight.

Take a look at the full list of upcoming PlayStation 4 releases below:

February 25th

  • Ganbare Super Strikers
  • Grizzland
  • Hayfever
  • House Flipper
  • Infliction: Extended Cut
  • Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection
  • Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash!
  • Tempest
  • Two Point Hospital

February 26th

  • Hero Must Die. Again
  • Vasilis

February 27th

  • Diadra Empty
  • MX Nitro: Ultimate Edition

February 28th

  • Bloodroots
  • Bucket Knight
  • Coffee Crisis
  • One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows
  • Ritual: Crown of Horns
  • Spartan Fist
  • Stab Stab Stab!

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