Here’s what’s coming to Nintendo Switch this week

Nintendo has revealed the full list of new titles that are making their Nintendo Switch debut this week.

On January 28th, Switch owners will be able to pick up all five episodes of adventure game Kentucky Route Zero. The game tells the story of a secret highway located underneath Kentucky and the mysterious people who travel it.

Also coming to the console this week are coffee brewing talking simulator Coffee Talk, Affable Games’ Speaking Simulator, and Idea Factory’s RPG Arc of Alchemist.

Take a look at the full list of this week’s releases below:

January 28th

  • It Came from Space and Ate Our Brains
  • Actual Sunlight
  • Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition

January 29th

  • Coffee Talk
  • Horse Farm
  • Music Racer
  • Code Shifter

January 30th

  • Aviary Attorney: Definitive Edition
  • Prison Princess
  • Sparkle 4 Tales
  • Ascendant Hearts
  • UORiS DX
  • Eclipse: Edge of Light
  • Speaking Simulator
  • Never Again
  • Sisters Royale: Five Sisters Under Fire
  • Bookbound Brigade
  • Arc of the Alchemist

January 31st

  • Bridge Constructor Ultimate Edition
  • Touchdown Pinball
  • Milo’s Quest
  • Hypercharge Unbox
  • Super Battle Cards
  • Willy Jetman: Astromonkey’s Revenge
  • Reknum
  • Ash of Gods: Redemption
  • Not Tonight: Take Back Control Edition

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