Here’s what you’ll get in Apex Legends’ season 11 Battle Pass

Season 11 of Apex Legends—or, should I say, Apex Legends: Escape—kicks off tomorrow. To tease its launch, Respawn released a rundown of what this season’s Battle Pass will include.

On one hand, I’m going to be honest: Almost none of the skins this time around really do much for me. However, the Season 10 skins really didn’t do much for me either, and yet I still bought that Battle Pass, so I guess that means I’m the real problem.

Buuuuut, there is something curious worth pointing out: the number of helmets associated with the premium rewards this season. And, boy, do some of those rewards feature helmets that suspiciously look like Titanfall pilot helmets. They might just be fun nods to the world that Apex Legends takes place in, or you could be hints at something bigger coming in the near future.

Whatever the case may be, you can check out the official blog post on Escape‘s Battle Pass contents here, and/or watch the new trailer below.

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