Here’s the next round of Animal Crossing: New Horizons updates

In a second surprise video to go along with its Super Mario Maker 2 one, Nintendo has released a new trailer showing off what’s coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the next few months.

The near future will see the return of two familiar faces: Leif and Redd. Leif’s traveling Garden Shop will let island residents buy a whole host of greenery, including a new variety of bushes. Meanwhile, Jolly Redd’s Treasure Trawler will dock on your island’s secret beach—you do know that your island has a secret beach, right?—where he’ll sell different types of art and furniture.

Of course, what would art be without somewhere to show it off? Your island’s museum will be getting a new art gallery when Redd starts making his journeys, giving you a place to display your collection—so long as they’re the real things.

From there, here’s a rundown of the next batch of upcoming events:

  • Nature Day – 4/23 ~ 5/4
  • May Day – 5/1 ~ 5/7
  • International Museum Day – 5/18 ~ 5/31
  • Wedding Season – 6/1 ~ 6/30

For a deeper look at these updates, here’s the video.

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