Halo Infinite quick resume bug could rob you of multiplayer unlocks

Consider this a PSA: Don’t use the Xbox Series X/S’ quick resume feature when playing Halo Infinite‘s campaign, or you might lose the precious multiplayer cosmetic items you unlocked.

That’s according to 343 Industries community director Brian Jarrad, who stated on Twitter (via VG 24/7) that if you are offline or disconnected from Infinite‘s online services, cosmetics you can find in armor lockers in the campaign will not show up in your multiplayer inventory. Unfortunately, using quick resume will generally result in getting disconnected when you come back to Infinite.

The solution, obviously, is to not use quick resume while 343 Industries looks into a fix. Fully quit out of the game when you’re done playing it before turning off your Xbox.

Meanwhile, the developer is looking into making sure players who might have lost multiplayer unlocks because of this bug will receive them retroactively. However, Jarrad didn’t give a timeframe for the fix. 343 is also looking into reports that achievements are not unlocking for the game.

Halo Infinite‘s campaign launched yesterday, December 8th, for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. You can read our review, where we state that Infinite “handles the burden of the franchise’s long history gracefully.”

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