Guardian Games kick off soon for all Destiny 2 players

The Olympics might be cancelled, but the Guardian Games will soon give all Destiny 2 players the thrill of victory.

From April 22nd until May 11th, Guardians will have three weeks to prove that their class reigns supreme. Eva and Zavala will test players with a series of daily class challenges, where each point you earn helps your class rise to the top of the Tower’s scoreboard.

“Daily reward packages, a new Exotic Machine Gun, new Exotic Ghosts, and new metallic class items that change between bronze, silver, and gold based on your class standing,” explains Bungie’s official page for the event. “When Guardian Games comes to a close, your item’s metallic appearance locks … for the rest of the year.”

For more details on the Guardian Games, check out the Destiny 2 website below.


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