GTA Online offering The Doomsday Heist bonuses this week

Rockstar is continuing its Heist Month celebration in Grand Theft Auto Online with bonus rewards for The Doomsday Heist.

For the next week, The Doomsday Scenario Finale is paying out double GTA$ and RP, completing all three Doomsday Heist Finales rewards GTA$500,000, and the Atomic Motorsport Livery for the Sultan RS Classic is being given away for completing any of the three finales. Additional bonuses this week include triple GTA$ and RP from Deluxo Special Vehicle Races and double rewards from Special Vehicle Work.

Rockstar is also giving away a Wasted! Tee and Banshee Racing Livery for the Bravado Banshee, and has doubled Bunker Research Speed.

This week’s discounts include 40 percent off Facilities and upgrades, 50 percent off Mk II Weapon Conversions, 50 percent off Mk II Ammunition, 40 percent off the Volatol, and 35 percent off the Mammoth Thruster.

Finally, players who link their Prime Gaming and Rockstar Games Social Club account receive GTA$100,000 for playing this week, the LCC Sanctus for free, and 70 percent off the Western Company Besra and Truffade Z-Type.

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