GTA Online is celebrating Independence Day

Celebrate Independence Day in Grand Theft Auto Online with bonuses, discounts, free items, and more.

For the next week, both Stockpile and Mobile Operations Missions are paying out triple GTA$ and RP. Additionally, Treasure Chests and Hidden Caches in Cayo Perico and on the ocean floor are offering double rewards.

Players can also get the Pisswasser, Benedict, Patriot, and Supa Wet Beer Hats, or the Statue of Happiness T-Shirt from Business Battles, as well as the Blaine County Talk Radio Tee for logging in and USA Parachute Bag for free from Ammu-Nation.

While this week’s discounts include 40 percent off the Mobile Operations Center, 50 percent off Bunkers, and 25 percent off the Kosatka Submarine. The Western Sovereign,¬†Firework Launcher, and Patriot Parachute are also reduced by 50 percent. Visit Rockstar’s site for the full list of available discounts.

Finally, players linking their Prime Gaming and Rockstar Social Club accounts receive GTA$100,000 for playing this week, 70 percent off the Buckingham Valkyrie, and 80 percent off the Dinka Sugoi.

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