GTA Online adds Judgement Day Adversary Mode and Obey 10F

Grand Theft Auto Online is getting into the Halloween spirit with a new Adversary Mode, bonuses, and more.

Kicking things off is the introduction of the new Judgement Day Adversary Mode. This mode pits a small team of powerful Riders against a vulnerable group of Hunted in a hide-and-seek scenario.

Riders start on an LCC Sanctus and are equipped with extra health, speed, a Double Barrel Shotgun, Stone Hatchet, and a host of abilities. While the Hunted can find weapons strewn across the map that they can use to defend themselves. The Hunted must survive until dawn or somehow kill all the Riders to claim victory and the Riders simply need to catch and kill all the Hunted.

For a limited time, players can get double GTA$ and RP while playing the mode, with a bonus of GTA$300,000 available for winning three rounds.

Another new addition is the Obey 10F sports car, which is available to purchase now from Legendary Motorsport.

Rockstar has also brought back the LCC Sanctus, Albany Fränken Stange, and Albany Lurcher, and is giving away a Gray Vintage Frank Mask for completing any Short Trip this week.

As for this week’s bonuses, Treasure Chests and Hidden Caches are paying out double, and double GTA$ and RP is available for completing Security Contracts.

Finally, players who link their Rockstar Games Social Club and Prime Gaming accounts get GTA$125,000 for playing this week.

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