GTA Online adds Bravado Gauntlet, new casino car, clothing, and more

Grand Theft Auto Online players can now head on over to Southern San Andreas Super Autos and spend their GTA$ on the Bravado Gauntlet Classic muscle car.

“A car belonging to another age,” Rockstar’s description reads. “But don’t be fooled, because there’s nothing rickety about this veteran: ask any boy racer foolish enough to get in the ring, and they’ll tell you the old man still packs one hell of a punch. This is muscle. Anything else is just flab.”

Players can also earn double GTA$ and RP from all Casino Work missions this week and pick up the free Red Diamond Casino & Resort Tee just for logging in before August 14th.

Sticking with the casino, the Lucky Wheel has been updated with the Pegassi Infernus Classic and new clothing is now available from the Casino Store, including High Roller Jacket styles, Waistcoats, and Masks.

There are also a number of discounts for players to take advantage of this week, including 40 percent off the Mammoth Operations Center, 40 percent off the Declasse Weaponized Tampa, and 40 percent off the Weapons Workshop. Take a look at the full list of this week’s discounts below:

  • Mobile Operations Center – 40% off
  • Mammoth Avenger – 40% off
  • Benefactor Terrorbyte – 40% off
  • BF Dune FAV – 40% off
  • Declasse Weaponized Tampa – 40% off
  • HVY APC – 40% off
  • Weaponized Vehicle Workshops – 40% off
  • Weapon Workshop – 40%
  • All Garages – 30% off
  • Arena War Mechanics – 35% off

Finally, players who qualified for the first round of Diamond Program rewards will receive the following for free by August 13th:

  • Silver Status – Black Diamond Tee & “She’s Loaded” Wall Art
  • Gold Status – Truffade Tee & Ink Inc. Livery for the Truffade Thrax
  • Platinum Status – Lucky 7s Tattoo & Kronos Ara Watch
  • Diamond Status – Yeti Livery for the Armored Enus Paragon R and eCola Livery for the Annis S80RR

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