Grounded adds Shared Worlds feature in latest Public Test update

Obsidian Entertainment has introduced a way for Grounded players to keep playing a world after the host goes offline.

The Shared Worlds feature lets players upload their world for other players to act as hosts while they aren’t online. Any progress made in the shared world will be saved no matter who the host is, the developer revealed in the latest Public Test patch notes.

Players can have up to three Shared Worlds at any given time and can also have up to 50 worlds shared with them. There’s also the option to convert any Standard World into a Shared World via the Save/Load menu.

“This feature is considered beta and could have issues and could require online shared saves to be reset / lost as bugs are ironed out,” Obsidian notes. “If you test this feature out with a save with lots of progress, make sure it is not the only working copy of the world you have on your account. The shared save service could also go offline at any time during this testing phase to account for issues or updates as needed.”

Grounded is set to leave early access and officially release on September 27th.

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