Golf With Your Friends update improves Dunk and Hockey modes

A new update is now available for Golf With Your Friends that focuses on the Hockey and Dunk game modes.

According to publisher Team17, this update includes “a plethora of improvements” to the two modes, such as “key bug fixes” and the option to enable power-ups. There are also new quickplay buttons for Hockey and Dunk on the menu. Read the full patch notes below:

  • Enhancement of the existing Hockey and Dunk modes.
  • Improvements to Hockey Goal collision and floor tiles.
  • Powerup game options added to Hockey and Dunk modes.
  • Improvements to UI and Online menus to make it easier for players to reach each of the main game modes, such as new quickplay buttons for Hockey and Dunk.
  • [PC] Further Level Editor improvements, such as clearer editor icons for some Bouncy Castle features along with various bug fixes.
  • [Linux] Fixed an issue where inflatable objects throughout the Bouncy Castle course were invisible.
  • Various other Quality of Life improvements and bug fixes.

Additionally, a new DLC is available that contains five hats, two floaties, two stickers, and a trail.

Golf With Your Friends is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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