Godfall is getting a big update in April

Gearbox Publishing and Counterplay Games have announced plans to release the “largest free update yet” for Godfall on April 7th.

This update will introduce Valorplate Shards, which are unlockable shards for Valorplates that will provide new ways for players to customize their playstyle. Unlock all four of these shards to gain the Ascendant form of a Valorplate, granting a second passive ability. Then, if players level all four of these shards to max, they will turn the Valorplate Exalted, which grants a third passive ability and a new cosmetic.

In addition, Counterplay Games is adding an Exalted Tower of Trials, in which players will battle against up level 150 enemies and multiple bosses at the same time, and a new Spirit Realms Mode, which is a six-player matchmade activity that involves collecting Elder Souls to unlock the Elder Gate and fight a powerful boss.

Other changes include Ravenna and Soras as companions in the story, timing attacks for weapons, a revive system for co-op, and more. Get a brief rundown of everything coming below:

Valorplate Shards

  • Each of the 12 Valorplates now have four unlockable Shards which provide new ways to customize and enhance your playstyle.
  • For example, through Shards Phoenix can ignite enemies more easily through Wildfire Strike, unleash a cone of fire through her shield, and even resurrect herself! 

Ascendant and Exalted Valorplates

  • Collecting all four Shards will unlock a Valorplate’s Ascendant form, granting a second passive ability. 
  • After leveling all four shards up to the max level, the Valorplate will become Exalted, granting a third and final passive, as well as unlocking a visually stunning new cosmetic which can be displayed on the Valorplate podium in the Sanctum. 

Enhanced Story

  • Ravenna and Soras, will now accompany Orin and fight alongside him on certain story missions, as well as providing new dialogue in the Sanctum between missions.
  • Orin’s twisted brother Macros now has a greater presence throughout the campaign, taunting Orin during story missions and elevating the tension leading up to your epic final confrontation.

Overhauled Combat

  • All weapons now come equipped with powerful Timing Attacks that can be unleashed directly after using a weapon technique. 
  • Knockdown 2.0 is one of the most requested features by fans. Players can now unlock a recovery skill that lets them quickly get back into the fight after being knocked down. 
  • A Revive system has been added, allowing players to revive each other during co-op!

Reworked Realm Bosses

  • The Sigil mechanic has been removed in favor of streamlining how Realm Bosses work. Now players can challenge Realm Bosses as soon as the story allows.
  • However, each Realm Boss now has three captains scattered throughout their realm. Defeating the captains will remove powerful banes that would otherwise make the Realm Boss fight much more challenging. 

Fan-Requested Quality of Life Enhancements

  • Godfall has a ton of awesome loot to earn, and the Exalted Update provides a variety of new ways to sort and manage your growing inventory. 
  • Designed to be the tinkerer’s dream, Godfall’s new loadout menu provides players the ability to save up to three custom builds per Valorplate, including unique skill grids!

Exalted Tower of Trials

  • Test your skills against enemies that scale up level 150 and multiple bosses that spawn simultaneously in Godfall’s ultimate endgame challenge.
  • Earn unique new weapons with triple primary traits!

All-New Spirit Realms Mode for up to 6 players

  • Matchmake with up to five other players for Godfall’s greatest co-op experience to date!
  • Utilize Spirit Vision to battle enemies and discover secrets hidden between the Material and Spirit planes as you collect Elder Souls.
  • Use Elder Souls to unlock the Elder Gate and take on Godfall’s array of deadly bosses with unique spirit vision mechanics.
  • Collect Shards of Macros to gain powerful boons that last the entire duration of your Spirit Realms run.
  • Earn awesome new Augments with double primary traits.

Godfall’s Exalted Update is the culmination of a year and a half of post-launch support and directly speaks to major elements our community has been telling us they want to experience in Godfall,” Daniel Nordlander, Game Director at Counterplay Games, said. “We have been tracking this feedback on forums, social media posts as well as countless streams and videos in an effort to target where we didn’t quite hit player expectations or, at times, even our own. The Exalted Update is not only a thank you to the players that have been with us since day one helping us improve, but offers new players the best moment to jump in and experience the World of Aperion.”

GodFall is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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