God of War Ragnarök graphics modes revealed

God of War Ragnarök offers six different graphics modes on PlayStation 5, Santa Monica Studio has announced.

Rather than the now-standard approach of offering one mode that favors frame rate and another that favors graphical quality, Ragnarök will instead allow you to fine-tune your preferences.

First up, there’s a standard performance mode, which targets 60 frames per second and adjusts the resolution as needed to get there, dynamically scaling between 1440p and 4K. There’s also a high frame rate mode that locks the resolution at 1440p but unlocks the frame rate, allowing it to go above 60 FPS when possible. (It can even get up to 120 FPS, but usually hovers between 90 and 100, according to one early analysis.) For further a tweak, you can also turn on variable refresh rate on this unlocked mode, assuming your display and cables support it.

As for the quality options, Ragnarök adds another three to the pile. The standard option is locked 4K resolution with a 30 frames per second target (what I played on during my time with the game). Alongside that, there’s a target-40-FPS mode that varies the resolution between 1800p and 4K, and a VRR tweak to the same settings.

If you’re playing the PlayStation 4 version, you’re looking at fewer options, however. On a base model PS4, you get 1080p, 30 FPS. That’s it. On a PS4 Pro, you can opt for either 1440p to 1656p (?) and a 30 FPS target, or 1080p to 1656p at an unlocked 30 FPS.

If all these numbers have your head spinning, Santa Monica Studio tweeted out all the info in handy chart form. It’s just as many numbers, but they’re prettier.

God of War Ragnarök launches November 9th on PS5 and PS4. EGM‘s review, in which I call it one of the best games ever made, is now live.

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