God of War (2018) is getting a PC release

Following in the footsteps of Days Gone and Horizon: Zero Dawn, 2018’s God of War is making the jump to PC in 2022.

“Our primary goal when bringing God of War to PC was to highlight the exceptional content the team created and leverage the powerful hardware that the platform offers to create a uniquely breathtaking and high-performance version of the game,” Grace Orlady, senior community manager at Santa Monica Studio, wrote on the PlayStation Blog.

The upcoming PC version will feature support for up to 4K resolutions, unlocked framerates, and ultrawide monitors, as well as improvements to shadows, screen-space reflections, and ambient occlusion. PC owners can also expect support for Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) and Reflex low latency technologies.

Players who choose to purchase the game on PC will receive the Death’s Vow Armor Sets for Kratos and Atreus, Exile’s Guardian Shield Skin, Buckler of the Forge Shield Skin, Shining Elven Soul Shield Skin, and Dökkenshieldr Shield Skin.

God of War launches for PC on January 14th, 2022.

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