Get your own SSV Normandy SR1 in No Man’s Sky—but only for a limited time

A mysterious expedition lead to one heck of an Easter egg: the arrival of the SSV Normandy SR1 from Mass Effect in the world of No Man’s Sky.

“We are thrilled and flattered that BioWare and EA let us pay tribute in this way,” reads the new blog post from Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray. “As huge fans of the series, it’s a lovely moment for sci-fi fans. Like everyone else we’ve been rediscovering the amazing universe of Mass Effect through the release of the Legendary Edition. I still have chills every time I see this incredibly iconic ship warping in, and was delighted to see so many people have the same reaction.”

From now through May 31st, players who complete the Beachhead expedition will get their own Normandy frigate to add to their fleet permanently.

And, as a final tease, Murray also noted that “as this is our fifth anniversary year, we have some other surprises up our sleeves, with more information coming very soon.”

Source: No Man’s Sky official website

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