Get triple RDO$ and Gold from The Tumbleweed Series in Red Dead Online

Rockstar has outlined the bonuses and discounts awaiting Red Dead Online players over the next seven days.

From today, players can take advantage of triple the usual RDO$ and Gold from The Tumbleweed Series, which features Shootouts, Hostile Territory, Races, and more. Additionally, Free Roam Bounty Missions are paying out 50 percent more, Collectors can get an American Wildflower map and three Chocolate Daisies for completing the Lovers Collection, and Naturalists can get a free coat for transforming into a wild buck or rabbit.

There’s also free fast travel all this week and a free Valentine’s gift for everyone who logs in, which includes five Chocolate Bars, five Fine Brandies, and a Gold Jointed Bracelet.

As for this week’s discounts, players can get 50 percent off all Barber services, 40 percent off all outfits, and 30 percent off all Tonics from Harriet. The full list of available discounts can be found over on Rockstar’s site.

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