Get the Rogue Company Season 4 Epic Pack for free next week

Epic Games has revealed that it will be giving away the Season 4 Epic Pack for cross-platform shooter Rogue Company next week through the Epic Games Store.

This free pack unlocks the Rogues Switchblade and Scorch as well as the Inferno Imp outfit for Switchblade. Additionally, players will receive 20,000 XP for their Battle Pass.

The Rogue Company Season 4 Epic Pack will be free to download from the Epic Games Store starting November 11th.

As for this week’s freebie, Epic is giving away sci-fi city-builder Aven Colony. Take charge of humanity’s first extrasolar settlement on Aven Prime, which is described as “an alien planet of deserts, tundras, and jungles light years from earth.” The game is free to download and keep until November 11th.

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