Get Rank Rewards and discounts in Red Dead Online this week

Rockstar is rewarding new and veteran players alike this week in Red Dead Online with a set of Rank Rewards.

From now until April 6th, players will receive free weapons, a Character Appearance Change, discount offers, and more depending on their rank. A full list of available rewards can be found below:

  • Rank 10 – Free Hunting Bow, 5 Gold Bars off the Bounty Hunting License
  • Rank 20 – 50 percent off a Shotgun of your choice, 50 percent off a Revolver of your choice
  • Rank 30 – Free Machete, 50 percent off Repeater of your choice
  • Rank 40 – 40 percent off a Stable Stall, 40 percent off Horse of your choice
  • Rank 50 – One free Character Appearance Change, 50 percent off any coat below Rank 15, 40 percent off a Tent
  • Rank 60 – Free Navy Revolver, 40 percent off a Camp Dog of your choice, 50 percent off a Stable Stall, five free Moonshine Mash Refills

In addition to the above rewards, Rockstar is also offering 40 percent off all Revolver, Repeater, and Rifle Ammo.

Finally, the Twitch Prime and PlayStation Plus benefits are still available for players who are yet to claim them. Twitch Prime subscribers can get the Collectors Bag, a Polished Copper Moonshine Still Upgrade, and five Moonshiner Role Ranks. While PlayStation Plus members can get three free ability cards of their choice.

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