Get more from the game with the MLB The Show Companion App

MLB The Show 21 players will soon have an all-new—and much more portable—way to interact with the game.

Launching on Monday, August 23rd, the MLB The Show Companion App for iOS and Android will give players “access to the latest news, The Show Shop, the ability to buy and sell cards in the MLB The Show 21 Community Marketplace, and see what your friends are opening via notifications.”

“We know that our fans are busy, and we wanted to give all our fans the ability to stay connected when they don’t have a controller in their hand,” the team from Sony San Diego Studio writes in the official blog post about the app. “Now with the MLB The Show Companion App you now can have access to The Show anytime and anywhere.”

For more details on the app, head over to its page on the official MLB The Show website.

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