Get Fortnite loot by watching YouTube

Fortnite players can earn two new sprays and a wrap by watching live Fortnite special and competitive broadcasts on YouTube, Epic has announced.

All players have to do is link their YouTube and Epic accounts, and then watch at least 20 minutes of the upcoming Game Jam Hollywood and World Cup broadcasts to receive a “drop.” The available drops include a Game Jam Spray, a World Cup Spray, and the Red Line Wrap. The full schedule can be found below:

  • July 25th – Game Jam Hollywood premiere (Game Jam Spray)
  • July 26th – Fortnite World Cup Finals Day 1 live broadcast (Game Jam Spray)
  • July 27th – Fortnite World Cup Finals Day 2 live broadcast (World Cup Spray)
  • July 28th – Fortnite World Cup Finals Day 3 live broadcast (World Cup Spray and Red Line Wrap)

Follow the instructions below to link the accounts:

  1. Sign in to YouTube in a desktop browser.
  2. Go to Accounts and select Settings.
  3. Under the “Connected accounts” section, select your Epic Games account. (If you do not already have an Epic Games account, create one then start at Step 2.)
  4. Click or tap Connect.
  5. Sign into your Epic Games account.

“To ensure you receive the Drop, please tune-in with a reliable internet connection when viewing,” Epic added. “We’ll also adding new YouTube Drops in the months following Fortnite World Cup Finals. Thanks for watching!”

In other news, Epic Games released a new update for Fortnite earlier this week that introduced the epic and legendary variants of the Tactical Shotgun along with the Year 2 Birthday Llamas for Save the World.

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