Get double rewards from Role Free Roam Events this week in Red Dead Online

Rockstar has a number of bonuses lined up for Red Dead Online players this week.

Starting things off is 5,000 Character XP and 50 percent off any Established or Distinguished Role Item for having five roles at Rank 20. Additionally, players below Rank 10 get 30 percent off any Novice or Promising Role Item, and gaining five Role Ranks this week rewards 2,000 Character XP and 30 percent off any Established or Distinguished Role Item.

There’s also Double Role XP from all Trader Sell Missions and Moonshine Sales, as well as double RDO$ and Role XP from all Role Free Roam Events, including Manhunt, Condor Egg, and more.

While players looking for a bargain can get 40 percent off Trader Wagons, 40 percent off Work Horses, and 30 percent off pants, skirts, and boots. The Wilderness Camp and Tonic Crafting Pamphlets are also reduced by 40 percent.

Finally, a free emote, 30 percent off the Bar Expansion, and 30 percent off a Novice or Promising Moonshiner Item are available to players who link their Prime Gaming and Rockstar Games Social Club accounts by July 5th.

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