Gears 5 makes changes to Gnasher and multiplayer XP

The Coalition has pushed a couple of changes live for Gears 5 that make adjustments to the Gnasher shotgun and multiplayer XP gain.

To start with, the Gnasher has been adjusted to reduce its effectiveness at close range and slightly improve its medium-range capabilities. As part of this update, the insta-kill distance of the weapon has been decreased by approximately one foot and the point-blank damage been reduced by 100.

“First, it will mean that charging players will have to push further, opening them up to damage before reaching their target. It will also mean that if you land a shot just outside of gib range, your opponent will now have a lot more health to work with, from roughly around 5 health pre-change to closer to 90 health post-change,” the developer explains. “A single bullet won’t take them down, you’ll need to land another semi-solid hit. This will keep the dance going a little longer for players to demonstrate their skill in either movement or shooting.”

As mentioned above, a change has been made to “poke distance” by making it so the weapon does flat damage after “1,000 Unreal units.” According to the developer, these changes will make it more worthwhile to get an early shot off at a charging player and allow players to chase down wounded opponents more easily.

Read more about the Gnasher changes here.

In addition to the above, changes have been made to multiplayer XP gain “to create a consistent XP return across all modes based on time played.” The update doubles the base XP for timed played in all modes and removes the difficulty multiplier for XP in Horde and Escape.

“For top-end PVE players, we understand this means a drop in your MPXP rates and we appreciate this may be a frustrating change as we seek to make MPXP consistent across all modes,” The Coalition added. “As with before the change, there is still an advantage for playing at an increased difficulty with better chances for higher rarity Skill Drops and increased Character XP.”

Gears 5 is available now on Xbox One and PC.

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