Gearbox outlines the changes being made to Borderlands 3’s Mayhem Mode

Gearbox Software has shared its plans to improve Borderlands 3’s revamped Mayhem Mode.

According to the developer, improvements to the mode aimed at addressing player concerns will be rolled out in two phases. The first update will focus on stat scaling and gear, while the second aims to improve character balance and build diversity.

To start with, the first phase will lower the health, armor, and shield stat bonuses that enemies receive in the higher levels of Mayhem. The developer will also adjust over- and under-performing gear and buff certain underperforming Anointments. The final part of phase one is to add a new line to the item card that shows which Mayhem level the items dropped in.

Following this, Gearbox will move to phase two, which aims to make adjustments to character balance and build diversity to make action skills more viable. In this phase, non-weapon sources of damage will scale with Mayhem Level and Grenade Mods will start dropping as pieces of Mayhem gear. In addition, Skill Damage will be added to Class Mods and chests and vending machines will spawn gear appropriate to the Mayhem Level.

Finally, the developer outlined a couple of quality-of-life improvements that it is working on outside of Mayhem. These include Fight for Your Life changes, dedicated loot for named enemies, and more uses for Eridium. Read more about the planned changes here.

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