Gearbox details Borderlands 3’s next big update

Borderlands 3 is getting a major update on April 23rd, and developer Gearbox Software has detailed the new content coming with the patch.

As previously announced, the April 23rd patch will bring with it two major content updates—Mayhem 2.0 and the Revenge of the Cartels seasonal event. Now new blog posts are giving us a better idea of what to expect from these two new features.

Mayhem 2.0 will completely overhaul Borderlands 3‘s endgame Mayhem system, as well as adding 25 new modifiers to up the challenge for each of the ten Mayhem levels available varying in difficulty from Easy to Very Hard. These include easy modifiers like Big Kick Energy, which will increase your weapon’s damage output at the cost of higher recoil, and Galaxy Brain, which will make enemy heads bigger for landing those sweet high-damage critical hits, to medium modifiers like Floor is Lava, which will form a pool of lava beneath your feet if you stand in one place for too long.

As noted, there will be ten Mayhem levels with varying numbers and degrees of modifiers, and each Mayhem level will drop increasingly better loot, preparing you to take on the next Mayhem level. Best of all, there are eight Legendary weapons you can earn from bosses when playing on Mayhem level 6 or higher. Best of all, you’ll no longer have to travel to Sanctuary III to adjust your Mayhem level.

The other major content update, Revenge of the Cartels, will take place from April 23rd to June 4th. This adds a whole new area in the form of Villa Ultraviolet, new enemy types, and additional Legendary gear and Anointments to earn.

You can start Revenge of the Cartels by heading to Sanctuary III and locating Maurice, who’s gotten in bad with the Eridium Cartel. Talking to Maurice will spawn Cartel Operatives throughout the galaxy, who you’ll have to fight in order to earn Hideout Coordinates that will unlock the location for Villa Ultraviolet.

It might sound like work to get to Villa Ultraviolet, but once you arrive, you’ll run into one of three different Cartel gangs who each have their own Legendary loot pools. That means that visiting Villa Ultraviolet multiple times will net you different loot, and completing challenges will unlock skins that are only available during the Revenge of the Cartels event. If you want to toggle off the event, you can do so through the main menu.

The patch launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on April 23rd.

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