Forza Horizon 5’s Hot Wheels expansion is now available

Forza Horizon 5 players can now explore new biomes, drive new vehicles, and more with the release of the Hot Wheels expansion.

Players who purchase the expansion will be able to head into the clouds and race around the new Hot Wheels Park, which features gravity-defying magnet tracks split across the new Giant’s Canyon, Ice Cauldron, Forest Falls, and Horizon Nexus biomes. Players will also run into snowy Ice tracks, Water Flumes, Speed Boosts, and Air Tracks during their time at the park.

Accompanying these biomes is a new story titled Hot Wheels: A History of Speed, which is split into five chapters and takes players “on a comprehensive journey of the history of Hot Wheels.”

In addition to the above, players can get behind the wheel of 10 new vehicles, including the 2018 Chevrolet Hot Wheels COPO Camaro, 2012 Hot Wheels Bad to the Blade, 2013 Hot Wheels Baja Bone Shaker, and the 2021 Hennessey Venom F5.

Other additions include new camera FOV options, a Motion Blur toggle, and the Hot Wheels Creation Kit for EventLab.

The Hot Wheels expansion is included in the Premium Add-ons Bundle, Premium Edition, and Expansion Bundle, or it can be purchased separately for $19.99.

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