Fortnite’s FNCS Grand Royale tournament has a $5 million prize pool

Epic Games has detailed the FNCS Grand Royale tournament, which has a $5 million prize pool and will take place over two weekends in November.

The tournament is open to any player “who has made a single-lobby round of FNCS (Round 4 of an FNCS Qualifier, Semi-Finals, or Finals) this year.” Each player must form a trio with two other eligible players to take part in Grand Royale. Once players start the tournament with a trio, they will not be able to switch teammates.

Grand Royale gets underway with qualifying stages running from November 11th-14th. Qualifying opens with a three-hour session in which players will have 10 matches to earn as many points as possible. Following this, the top 33 teams are placed on the Victory Path, with everyone else joining the Reload Path.

The Victory Path is split into four separate sessions made up of eight games each. The team that manages to win each of the eight games will advance to the finals, with those placing in 2nd-10th getting Consistency Points. At the end of each session, the top eight teams from the Reload Path will replace the winners to take 33 teams into the next Victory Path Session until all four sessions are complete. The team with the most Consistency Points after the four sessions will progress to the finals as well as the 33rd team.

As mentioned above, the Reload Path gives players another chance to reach the Victory Path. All teams who finished 34th and below in the original three-hour session will get another session of three hours and 10 matches. The top eight from each of these three sessions progress to the Victory Path.

Once the 33 teams are decided after the four Victory Path sessions, the action moves to the finals on November 20th-21st. The finals are set across two days with six games each day. Points are awarded based on finishing position in each match, with the points being doubled on the second day. The team that sits at the top after the 12 games takes the title.

Read more about the FNCS Grand Royale tournament here.

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