Fortnite update makes no building a permanent mode, adds rocket launcher

Fortnite‘s latest update has renamed the game’s no-building mode to Fortnite Zero Build and also introduced a new rocket launcher.

Zero Build can be found in Solos, Duos, Trios, and Squads by clicking the “Change” button above “Play” in the lobby. Zero Build is the mode that players have been used to for the last couple of weeks with absolutely no building, the Overcharge Shield, Ascenders, and mantling. Presumably, this change means that building is returning to core modes, but this is yet to happen.

Also added in this update is the Anvil Rocket Launcher. This new weapon can be used to target vehicles and can be found in regular and Rare Chests, in Seven Supply and IO Chests, in Supply Drops, and from sharks.

Fortnite is available now on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile.

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