Fortnite update adds Preferred Item Slots, Bugha’s Late Game mode

Fortnite‘s latest update has introduced the previously teased Preferred Item Slots feature and a new Bugha’s Late Game mode and tournament.

To start with, the Preferred Item Slots feature allows players to designate which slot a weapon or item will be dropped into when picked up. By default, the first slot is for assault rifles, the second for shotguns, the third and fourth are unassigned, and the fifth slot is for consumables. However, players can customize all five slots with weapons and items to fit their own play style.

“Like-for-like items will respect your Preferred Item Slots even if the slot is filled, swapping in the higher-rarity item. For example, loot an Epic Pump Shotgun and it will replace your Uncommon one even if you have something else like Bandages equipped,” Epic Games added. “Preferred Item Slots is only active when you have at least one empty inventory slot, and the “Auto-Sort Consumables to Right” setting will continue to function as normal alongside your preferences.”

In addition to the new feature, today’s update introduces the Bugha’s Late Game Arena mode. This new Trios mode drops players on the island with the storm closing in and gives them a random team loadout from three possible choices. As players compete in this mode, they will be rewarded with Hype that is unique to the mode. Hit 1,500 Hype before July 28th to qualify for the Bugha’s Late Game Tournament and compete for a share of $100,000.

Finally, bugs with ziplines, Vendor Rifts, the Grimey Outfit, and more have all been fixed. Take a look at the full list below:

  • Fixed an issue that caused us to disable Ziplines. Ziplines are now re-enabled.
  • Fixed an issue that caused us to disable Rifts obtained from vendors. Vendor Rifts are now re-enabled.
  • Fixed an issue involving items being automatically equipped in certain cases when picked up.
  • Fixed an issue involving the Grimey Outfit’s reactivity not working.
  • Fixed an issue involving the button for Arena Division/tournament details being unresponsive on controller.
  • Fixed an issue involving the ‘Hold Inventory button’ Crafting menu shortcut not working. 

Fortnite is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile.

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