Fortnite update adds Mountain Base, Cube Queen Outfit for Battle Pass owners

The sealed door in the mountain near Catty Corner has finally opened with the release of update 18.30.

Starting today, players can drop into an IO Base that has been uncovered in the mountain. Inside players will find Doctor Slone and her guards as well as some loot.

Epic has also kicked off another Gold Bar-funded vote. Players can choose to either bring back the Boogie Bomb or Combat Shotgun to aid in the fight against the Cube Monsters by donating their Gold Bars. The first item to be 100 percent funded will be reintroduced to the game.

Additionally, Battle Pass owners can complete a new set of quests today to unlock the Cube Queen Outfit and other items from the Long Live the Queen Set. Read the full patch notes here.

In other news, players still have time to grab the Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine outfits from the Item Shop along with a number of Resident Evil-themed cosmetics.

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