Fortnite returns with release of Chapter 2 Season 1

Fortnite has returned following its brief hiatus with the release of the Chapter 2 Season 1 update.

This massive update introduces a brand-new map for players to explore that contains 13 new locations and numerous landmarks filled with loot. There are also some new mechanics to experiment with, including fishing, swimming, and the introduction of boats.

In addition to the above, there’s a new UI, exploding gas tanks, the option to hide in haystacks and dumpsters, and the ability for players to carry downed teammates to safety on their shoulders.

Of course, a new season also means a new Battle Pass for players to unlock. By leveling up the pass, players will be able to unlock new skins, emotes, gliders, Back Blings, and more. This new pass is also accompanied by a revamped progression system that is based on XP, which is awarded for performing action in-game and completing objectives.

Fortnite is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and Android.

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