Fortnite Champion Series Chapter 3 Season 1 begins next week with a $3 million prize pool

Epic Games has announced that the Chapter 3 Season 1 Fortnite Champion Series will be getting underway next week with a prize pool of just over $3 million.

The action gets underway with Qualifiers on February 17th-18th and February 19th-20th. During each qualifier, duos will compete to be one of the top eight teams that get to advance directly to the Finals.

Following this will be the Semi-Finals from February 24th-27th. The Semi-Finals are split into three sessions with the winners from each match and the top six most consistent performing teams from each session getting to progress to the Finals and join the 16 teams from the Qualifiers.

The Finals are scheduled for March 5th-6th and will introduce a new “Match Point” system. Under this system, if a team manages to earn 500 points and three wins before the end of the event, they will be declared the overall winners of the tournament. If no team manages to achieve this within the 12 games, the team with the most points will win.

Epic also announced that it will be running a Community Cup on February 28th. The duos event is open to everyone and gives players three hours to play 10 matches and earn as many points as possible. The top-performing teams from each region will receive the FNCS 3:1 Champion Outfit and Winner’s Mark Back Bling. 

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