Five new tracks added to Trials Rising

Ubisoft has released the Polar Expedition Track Pack for Trials Rising that includes five new tracks for players to tackle.

The game’s third track pack has an arctic theme and introduces Permafrost, which is set in a village in Greenland; Glacial Mass, which features sinking icebergs; Inuit’s Paradise, a track that requires “some serious technical skills”; the secret filled Out Cold, and Iceferno.

More information about each track, courtesy of Ubisoft, can be found below:


You like air? Cause Permafrost has air. You’ll need to really watch your airtime on this track as you string together jumps through a stunning village in Greenland that’s surrounded by glaciers. Will you use the Rhino to control your air time? Or go for the Mantis to possibly skip some jumps? This track has several options to bring home the victory.

Glacial Mass

What’s cooler than being cool? Glacial Mass. This track starts you on a glacier and takes you around sinking icebergs that will put your timing skills to the test. If you hear ice cracking on this track, it probably is, so move fast, Riders!

Inuit’s Paradise

Been spending most our rides, racing through Inuit’s Paradise. The artic sky complete with Aurora Borealis gives this track the best vibes in the entire Expedition. Don’t get too distracted by the sights, though, as this track makes you pull out some serious technical skills. You may see a Snowman and a Snow Squirrel hanging out, but you’ll need some Snow Bunnyhops if you’re going to get on this leaderboard.

Out Cold

This track will bring back some serious X-Files nostalgia. Starting during a storm near a military station, you’ll be plunged underground where the military would rather you not see. Secrets are contained within. Will you find them?


According to Dante, the final level of Hell was covered in ice. Where Inferno takes you into the depth of the fire, Iceferno will take you further into the ice. The Extreme track of the pack, only the top Riders will conquer Iceferno.

Trials Rising is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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