First in-engine footage of next gen-exclusive Forza Motorsport

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting a first look at the evolution of the Forza Motorsport franchise thanks to the power of the Xbox Series X, today might be a bit of a mixed bag for you.

On the good side, Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios today presented a first look at in-engine footage of the next Forza Motorsport. (It’s easy to assume it’ll be called “Forza Motorsport 8,” but that name as has to officially be used, and maybe the series will undergo a rebranding in the most to a next generation of hardware.)

As well, we know that the game is coming in 2021, and that it’ll only be for Xbox Series X and PC—meaning no concerning about an Xbox One version holding the potential of the game back.

Now, the bad side is that this video really isn’t much of anything at the end of the day. It seemed like we were going to get something similar on the Sony side with Gran Turismo 7, but at least there we got a quick snippet of gameplay (or at least what is supposed to be gameplay). While this in-engine footage certainly looks good, the thing that really matters for racing games is seeing the action on the track—and we got none of that today.

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