First Class Trouble’s Wedding Pack DLC adds a suit and wedding dress

Versus Evil and Invisible Walls have added some new wedding-themed cosmetics to their social deduction game First Class Trouble through the Wedding Pack DLC.

The DLC is inspired by two players who met while playing the game and are now married in the real world. Players who purchase the pack will receive the Black Suit (Jacket, Pants, and Shoes), White Dress, and Golden Ring. Both the suit and dress can be worn by either masculine or feminine characters, according to publisher Versus Evil.

“How can you not just feel happy as humans, developers, and artists, that something you made can bring people together like that? It needs to be celebrated,” Niels Wetteberg, CEO of developer Invisible Walls, added in a PlayStation Blog post.

“We wanted something that was available to the entire community, as well as something that would stand as a tribute ‘forever’. We had a few ideas, but it all seemed to lack the level of romance needed to complement something like that. So, the table in the Restaurant level is now forever reserved for Adriana and Henry, and the wedding attire we’ve made is now available in a DLC pack for anyone else who wants to celebrate love.”

First Class Trouble is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC. In case you missed the news, the game is free for PlayStation Plus subscribers until December 6th.

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