FIFA 21 trailer shows off career mode improvements

EA has shared a new trailer for FIFA 21 that goes over the changes that have been made to career mode in this year’s entry.

First up is the introduction of the Interactive Match Simulation, which allows players to focus on tactics while having the option to instantly jump into the action at any point and take control. Players can also see their team’s stats, make subs, and listen to commentary while the match is being simmed.

“Whether you only like to intervene when your team goes down, or you prefer to jump in whenever your team is within shooting range, the Interactive Match Sim allows players to experience matches exactly how they want to,” EA adds. “You can also jump back out of gameplay and watch the rest of the game play out in Interactive Match Sim or skip straight to the final result at any time.”

Player development has also been improved this year with the ability to change a player’s position through training and determine which areas players should focus on improving. Complementing the player growth system is the new Active Training feature, which lets players get their team ready for match days by improving the new Match Sharpness stat. This new stat shows how ready a player is for an upcoming match, with a stat boost available for players who are between 50-100 Match Sharpness. However, below 50 will result in a stat penalty.

Finally, new options have been introduced for transfers to help managers strengthen their team. In FIFA 21, managers will be able to make use of Loan to Buy and AI Player Swap Proposals when looking for new players. Changes have also been made to AI Contract Renewals so fewer top players will become free agents. Reads more about the changes made to Career Mode here.

FIFA 21 launches October 9th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, with an Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 release to follow at a later date.

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