FIFA 21 Career Mode and Ultimate Team improvements detailed

EA Sports has shared details about a few new features that will be introduced to FIFA 21’s Career Mode and Ultimate Team.

Starting with Career Mode. The big addition for this year’s entry is the Interactive Match Sim feature. Using this, players will be able to jump in and out of sim matches at any point to take control of the play and influence the game. There’s also a revamped growth system that will let managers change their player’s natural positions and monitor attribute changes in training.

In addition, FIFA 21 introduces a new match sharpness attribute, which indicates how likely a player is to perform in crucial moments, and an activity management system that lets players decide when their team should train and then they should rest during the week to maximize sharpness, morale, and fitness.

The final change is to opposition AI. In this year’s entry, opponents will use “more informed AI decision-making in marking, tackling, passing and dribbling to present you with more challenges during each match and keep your Career fresh from game to game.”

While Ultimate Team players get a new co-op option that will let them play Division Rivals and Squad Battles with a friend. To earn weekly bonuses and complete new co-op objectives. FIFA 21 also introduces the One FUT Club system, which lets players move their club between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 or Xbox One and Xbox Series X and back again. Finally, Ultimate Team includes support for cross-gen transfer markets and leaderboards.

FIFA 21 is scheduled to release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on October 9th, with Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 versions following at a later date.

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