Fall Guys Season 4 introduces new levels, Squads Mode, and Daily Challenges

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout’s fourth season gets underway today, March 22nd.

The highlight of the Season 4 update is the introduction of seven new levels for players to compete it. These new additions include the basketball-themed Basketfall, a new race called Skyline Stumble, and more. Take a look at the full list of new levels below:

  • Basketfall
  • Skyline Stumble
  • Short Circuit
  • Hoverboard Heroes
  • Power Trip
  • Big Shots
  • Roll On

Also making its debut in Season 4 is the Squads Mode. In this new mode, four players will qualify and win together in new Squad versions of Race and Survival rounds. In the Squad version of rounds, players will be awarded points for their finishing position and the teams with the lowest combined points are eliminated. Squads who win a game will be rewarded with the new Crown Shard currency.

The final big addition is Daily Challenges. Complete tasks each day to earn bundles of Fame and the previously mentioned Crown Shards. Collect 60 Crown Shards to transform them into a Crown.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC. The game is also due to release for Xbox and Nintendo Switch this summer.

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