Fall Guys Season 3 introduces Crown Ranks and Golden Costumes

Fall Guys Season 3 will reward the most dedicated players with the introduction of Crown Ranks, Mediatonic has revealed in a PlayStation Blog post.

From the start of Season 3, each win will increase a player’s Crown Rank. As the rank increases, new rewards, including exclusive colors and patterns, will be unlocked. Working through Crown Ranks also unlocks another new addition for Season 3: Golden Costumes. These gilded versions of iconic costumes are exclusive to Crown Ranks, so the only way to obtain them is by winning.

Developer Mediatonic also shared some new videos for Season 3 that show off three of the seven levels being added. The first is Pegwin Pursuit, in which players will fight for control of three Pegwins (Bert, Bort, and Bart). Holding one of these Pegwins will score points for the team and the team with the least points is eliminated.

Next up is Ski Fall, which challenges players with jumping through rings on a spinning circle while sliding down an ice slide to earn points. Reach the point total to qualify and move on to the next round.

The final of the three levels shown is a new final called Thin Ice. This final is similar to Hex-A-Gone, but there is only one level of tiles with three layers. Be the last player standing to claim the Crown.

Fall Guys Season 3 gets underway tomorrow, December 15th, and introduces seven new levels, more than 30 costumes, Crown Ranks, and a new Fame Pass.

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