Fall Guys Season 2 brings eight new rounds to the game

The second season of Fall Guys‘ switch to free-to-play, Satellite Scramble, is now live across all platforms.

Season 2 introduces eight new rounds, including a new finale version of Tip Toe for Squads and a new hoverboard round titled Hyperdrive Heroes. A brief description of each round, courtesy of developer Mediatonic, can be found below:

  • Tip Toe Finale: Up to four squads, well, tip-toeing their way to victory. You’ve got to be real careful with this one—coz one wrong step could send you tumbling into the cosmos.
  • Starchart: Take a leap of faith and walk the invisible paths to the end of the race! In Starchart, you have to bump the buttons to reveal the way.
  • Pixel Painters: Hop on tiles to spell out the correct patterns. You’ll need more than a basic horoscope understanding to get the best of this one!
  • Cosmic Highway: Players hop across rows of moving platforms. Get your space hopping one inch wrong and you’ll be saying a big hello to the void.
  • Hyperdrive Heroes: You gotta stay on your hoverboard and reach the finish without falling off. It just so happens that the hoverboard moves in a circular route. We like to keep you on your toes, don’t we?
  • Hex-a-Terrestrial: Navigate floating platforms without a single mistake. Easier said than done when you’re in the midst of SPACE.
  • Space Race: It’s the Gauntlet, in the stars. Got that, space ranger?
  • Frantic Factory: Bash bash bash those buttons to get points! Easier said than done…

In addition to the new rounds and obstacles, Mediatonic has upped the number of levels in the Season Pass to 200. Players will find plenty of Crown Shards and three new additional costumes while working through the extra levels. Read the full Season 2 patch notes here.

Fall Guys is available now on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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