Fall Guys mid-season update adds random elements to levels

Mediatonic’s mid-season update for Fall Guys has arrived, bringing with it remixed versions of the game’s levels.

Following the update, new objects will begin appearing in levels at random, such as spinning hammers and the new BIG YEETUS, a giant spinning hammer that will propel players further along the level. The developer has also added a turntable to Fall Ball, changed the directions of the see-saws, and replaced the turnstiles in Hit Parade with spinning hammers.

Today’s update also adds Epic Games’ anti-cheat system on PC, reduces the Fall Ball timer to 120 seconds, and improves stability when moving between levels.

Last month, Mediatonic gave us our first look at Fall Guys Season 2, which will add new levels and costumes that have a medieval theme.

Fall Guys is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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