Fall Guys introduces the new Sweet Thieves game mode

A new game mode is now available in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout called Sweet Thieves.

In this mode, players are split into two teams: Thieves and Guardians. Thieves must steal the sweets and bring them back to their base while avoiding being seen, and the Guardians simply have to stop them.

If a Guardian manages to grab a member of the Thieves team they will be sent to jail and must be broken out by a teammate jumping on the jailbreak button.

In addition to this new mode, the Sweet Thieves event is now live. Complete challenges to earn points and unlock the Astro Bot costume and several cosmetics. The following rewards are available:

  • Astro Pattern – 100 Points
  • Astro Nameplate – 200 Points
  • Astro Lower Costume – 400 Points
  • Astro Nickname – 600 Points ‘
  • Astro Upper Costume – 800 Points
  • Astro’s Wave Emote – 1000 Points

Finally, the T-Rex costume is available now from the in-game store for 10 Crowns until March 13th.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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