Evil Genius 2 gameplay video goes over the cover operation, minion traits, more

A new gameplay video has been released for Rebellion’s spy-fi lair builder Evil Genius 2 that goes over several features included in the sequel.

The video below opens up with a look at the cover operation, which is the front of house of the evil lair used to disguise its true purpose. Players must use their minions to keep a casino running and throw any visiting agents off the trail.

We then get a look at the “Do it Now!” command which is used to get minions moving. In the sequel, players can move their Genius to a place on the map and use the command to create an aura around them. Minions will then drop whatever they are doing and tend to any actions that are within the area of effect immediately.

Another new addition is the minion traits system. Each new minion has a number of traits that can range from helpful to disastrous. A few examples include being a workaholic, having a fear of needles, and being able to see through agent disguises. These traits will determine which job a minion will be best at and which to avoid, such as putting a minion with the Hay Fever trait as a biologist. Players can also choose to improve favorable traits via training.

Evil Genius 2 is scheduled to release in the first half of 2021 for PC.

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